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Why Mental Health Support is an Important Part of Our Services

Tiffany Morgan, Home-Based Services Manager |

We believe mental health is part of the support everyone needs, which is why we have a team of mental health consultants to work with children, families, and staff. The mental health team believes that in order to have a strong start in life, children and their families need to have well-rounded support for mental health as well as physical health. The relationships a child builds early in life are what help them succeed. All systems that surround the child must promote social and emotional wellness.

Our mental health workers offer support in the classroom through observations and consultations with teachers and parents or caregivers. Once they gather all the information, the worker can help the teacher and caregivers put together a wellness plan for the child as well as refer them to resources. 

We also have employees who specialize in home-based family support. Every parent in the program is offered a mental health questionnaire, the results of which we use to help parents as needed. Our home-based workers meet with families to assess if they are dealing with any specific issues that might cause stress or harm. They use a reflective process to help parents feel more secure and confident in their ability to support a child’s well-being.

Additionally, they ensure parents have a good support system and routines to help stabilize the child and parent. Pre-natal and post-natal depression screenings are also offered as part of our home-based program. And we partner with organizations such as the Oregon Research Institute whose MomNet pilot project can help support parents with maternal depression

Another partnership that helps us support the mental health of families is Cards for Connection designed by Dr. Amy King. With this curriculum, we can help families build strong, connected relationships that support mental and emotional health. In addition, we can help families seek referrals to mental health providers as needed.

If you know families who might benefit from our programs, please refer them here. And check out our Parent Education opportunities that can provide support, particularly our Circle of Security classes.