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Tiffany: Celebrating Women Making a Difference at ClackCoKids

By Amanda Caraway, Community Engagement Manager |

March is Women’s History Month, which offers a great opportunity to observe and celebrate the vital role so many women play at ClackCoKids and community organizations across the country. To celebrate, we decided to honor some of the special women at our agency who have been both parents in our programs and employees. These ladies truly embody the pay-it-forward spirit.

We will introduce you to one incredible woman each week for the remainder of the month. But, keep in mind, these ladies serve as just a few examples. Nearly 200 extraordinary women like these work at ClackCoKids!

Meet Tiffany

As a young mother with four children under the age of five, Tiffany’s family faced financial hardship when she went back to school. Her husband was working long hours, and Tiffany struggled to manage the children, schoolwork, and other obligations. Her grandma recommended that she check out ClackCoKids to see if her family could qualify for services.

Tiffany and her family were accepted into the program, and she began receiving Head Start center-based services. From the start, she felt supported and comfortable. Most importantly, she never felt judged by her Teacher or Home Visitor for her circumstances. She appreciated all the tools her family received including financial planning and access to community resources to help improve the lives of her children.

Tiffany says it was invaluable to find free community events and activities to help her get out of the house and entertain her children. Through receiving services, Tiffany gained the invaluable skill of finding resources for herself so she can meet her family’s needs going forward.

After getting her degree, Tiffany became a Head Start Teacher herself. She found the career incredibly rewarding and enjoyed being able to pay it forward to other parents and families in the community. She is now an Education Manager who supervises all Home-Based Services.

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