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Rosie: Celebrating Women Making a Difference at ClackCoKids

By Amanda Caraway, Community Engagement Manager |

March is Women’s History Month, which offers a great opportunity to observe and celebrate the vital role so many women play at ClackCoKids and community organizations across the country. To celebrate, we decided to honor some of the special women at our agency who have been both parents in our programs and employees. These ladies truly embody the pay-it-forward spirit.

We will introduce you to one incredible woman each week for the remainder of the month. But, keep in mind, these ladies serve as just a few examples. Nearly 200 extraordinary women like these work at ClackCoKids!

Meet Rosie

Rosie was born in Mexico, and she immigrated to the United States with her family as a child. She was raised in the projects by her stay-at-home Mother and her Father who was a migrant worker.

She began receiving services from ClackCoKids in 2009 as a teen Mom. At that time, she also began working at the agency as an Assistant Teacher and enrolled her son in early childcare services. She felt relieved that she was becoming financially stable while her son had a safe place to go while she worked.

Rosie decided to progress her career by getting a Child Development Associate (CDA) certificate. The agency supported her throughout the process, and she always felt cared for as she pursued new opportunities. Rosie was promoted to Site Coordinator after getting her certificate.

But she wasn’t done yet! Rosie got an associate degree so she could begin working in an Early Head Start Classroom. Eventually, Rosie pursued her bachelor’s degree by taking classes at night and working as a Home-Based Specialist during the day. She was eventually promoted to a Supervisor position.
She loved helping families and giving them the same opportunities she had received.

She now has a master’s degree and works in the ClackCoKids Administration Building as a Human Resources Staffing Specialist. She has experienced many challenges and rewards during her years at the agency. Rosie feels like she beat the odds as a teen mom, and her coworkers at the agency are so proud of everything she has accomplished.

Watch Rosie’s video to learn more.