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Providing the Tools to Help Prevent Child Abuse

By Tiffany Morgan, Home-Based Services Manager |

At ClackCoKids, we want every child to have a safe and happy childhood. Fostering healthy family relationships is at the heart of all our services, including our Home-Based program. Having consistent relationships and support is crucial in helping parents show up and be their best selves. That’s why our home visitors meet with families consistently each week.

We know that abuse is often an intergenerational pattern that can be difficult to break. Through developing relationships with parents based on trust, our home visitors can talk with them about how they were parented and help them understand the impact of past traumas. Often parents just need the necessary tools and knowledge to parent effectively and break patterns. One centerpiece of our home visiting program is to teach parents strategies for positive discipline.

Our home visitors are never in the home to pass judgment on parents and their choices. They show up each week to provide support and help parents develop their skills. Helping parents understand the educational milestones can normalize behaviors that seem frustrating. Learning to identify triggers in a child’s behavior can empower parents to communicate with their children and positively impact challenging interactions.

Parenting can be incredibly challenging, and our home visitors are there to take that journey with families. We can also help parents find additional support systems, such as parenting groups, and mental health resources. Home visitors also help parents with stress management and building resiliency tools. If parents find themselves in an unhealthy or unsafe relationship, we can offer support and resources for improving the situation for themselves and their children.

We see positive results for families in our Home-Based programs every day. In fact, according to a recent survey, 91% of parents say our staff understand and support their parenting style and the choices they make for their children. In addition, 92% of parents say our staff provides them with education and strategies to help strengthen their parenting skills, and 97% of parents would recommend our services to other families.

If you are a parent who can benefit from our services, or if you know a parent we can help, visit this link to apply or refer a family. Also, consider registering for our Circle of Security Parenting Class, offered at no cost to families.