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Stuffies Gifted from the Clackamas Petsmart Spread Joy in the Community

By Amanda Carway, Community Engagement Manager |

We are so thankful to Clackamas Petsmart for donating hundreds of stuffies to ClackCoKids. Over the months since we received the stuffies, we’ve put them to good use. They’ve helped us connect with kids and families throughout the community in numerous ways.

In December 2023, we handed out stuffies at a recruitment and community engagement event where children could get their photos taken with Santa Claus.

Recently, we’ve connected with first responders in Milwaukie to ensure they have stuffies for when they encounter children in our community. We’ve heard from Milwaukie Police Officers that giving children stuffies helps comfort them when they are in stressful situations.

Most recently, we’ve connected with Oregon Make A Wish, who now has our stuffies to help comfort the children they work with.

We’ve added a ClackCoKids label with a QR Code to all the stuffies we’ve distributed throughout the community so that parents and other adults can contact us for helpful services.

Join us in thanking Petsmart in Clackamas County for their generosity.