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Our Home-Based Programs Help Parents Succeed as Their Child’s First Teacher

By Tiffany Morgan, Home-Based Services Manager|

We know that how parents interact with their children will have a strong impact on that child’s development. Head Start research shows that early relationships with caregivers provide the foundation for lifelong well-being. Children start learning immediately from their environment and human interaction. We might not think of parents and caregivers as teachers, but that’s exactly what they are. In fact, parents are their child’s first teacher.

The primary goal of our home-based staff is to help parents be the best caregivers and teachers they can be. The goal is to build a strong relationship with parents so that we can walk alongside them as a supportive partner in their parenting journey. Home visitors work to be flexible and understand what parents need. We know that each family is different, so we follow their lead to ensure we operate at their comfort level.

If a certain parenting approach isn’t working with a child and it’s failing to provide the desired outcome, we can assist the parent in finding different approaches that might get better results. We can also guide the parent in finding creative ways to meet both their needs and the needs of the child. One way to do this is to approach every situation as an educational activity, such as having the child help them prepare dinner in developmentally appropriate ways.

An important part of our home-based programs is providing developmental screenings to ensure the child is on track with common milestones. If there is a need, we can help parents work on improving their child’s skills. It is important to celebrate every milestone and provide constant positive feedback to the child.

In addition, our home-based staff have been trained in Cards for Connection with Dr. Amy King so they can help parents build strong support networks. The program also enables home visitors to provide parents with the tools to strengthen relationships and build social-emotional health and relational health. With the skills learned in this program, staff can give parents tools for mental wellness while they wait to be connected to the appropriate medical professional.

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