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New Infant/Toddler Classroom at Sandy Ridge

By Erich Brill, CCCC Operations Director |

We are excited to announce the completion of our expansion project at our Sandy Ridge Center! The completed project features a new infant and toddler classroom, accompanied by a new infant and toddler outdoor play space. The new classroom will serve eight children and their families in the Sandy/Boring community – a rural area that is traditionally underserved when it comes to comprehensive services for children in this age group. 

Built in 1915, the Sandy Ridge Center was originally a one-room schoolhouse that served children in the Sandy/Boring vicinity for many years. The school was originally built to serve the rising number of families who moved to the area to create new agricultural businesses raising specialized crops such as nuts, strawberries, raspberries and loganberries – all of which continue to be a major component of the local economy. Clackamas County Children’s Commission purchased the building in 1993 and immediately began the process of renovating the property, in addition to securing a designation on the building as a Clackamas County historical landmark. 

This project represents many things in this community that are core to our agency’s values – especially our commitment to growth. We find it fitting that we continue to adapt this 100 year-old schoolhouse building in order to meet the needs of this community – now and into the future. 

Click here for project photos!