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New Community Connections Specialist

By Danielle S. Rushing, CCCC Director of Family & Community Connections |

We have a new Community Connections Specialist that we want you to meet, and her name is Natalie Hornstein!

After serving as a Family Educator in our Early Head Start program for over six years, Natalie officially joined our Community Connections team as a Specialist in April, 2021. In her new role, Natalie works to create and nurture connections across the county, supporting outreach and recruitment for our many programs and services. Her bilingual skills, passion for language, and sincere desire to serve young children and families make her a great fit for this work.

In addition to managing our social media accounts and creating content that highlights our impact through storytelling, Natalie also serves as the Clackamas County Liaison for our community partner, Help Me Grow. She’s working to educate families and service providers in our community about the Help Me Grow program, which supports healthy child development and important family resource connections. Click here to learn more about this free service.

Do you have a ClackCoKids impact story to share? Are you interested in learning more about our services or those provided by Help Me Grow? Natalie wants to hear from you!

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