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Laura Linda’s Head Start Story

In celebration of Head Start’s 57th birthday, ClackCoKids Education Coach Laura Linda Negri-Pool shared a personal story with our Executive Director, Darcee Kilsdonk, about her professional journey with Head Start. Laura Linda’s story – like many others at ClackCoKids – is a reminder that our work impacts not just children and families, but the also the staff who dedicate their careers to serving in this way. We’d love to share this story with you now…


One of my sisters recently sent me some letters that I wrote to my family in the 70’s. Amongst them was a letter, dated 10/23/1977, where I wrote about my first job, at Head Start. I described my work as an aide in 3 different classrooms and defined the models (part-day and home based). In the letter I expressed my joy at finding something I enjoyed doing and was good at. I also outlined who the program is for and the emphasis on the family. Back then we had one day a week for training, weekly home visits and frequent parent meetings. As I have often said, I began my work with Head Start and “grew-up” professionally here. I plan to end my career here too. Head Start has had a profound impact on the ways in which I’ve approached my entire professional life, especially the focus on the family, seeing children as whole people, and creating community.

Here’s to many more years of Head Start impacting children,  families, and early childhood educators!

Thanks for your ongoing involvement and support of all things Head Start (and Early Head Start!).

-Laura Linda

Thank you, Laura Linda, for sharing your talent, experience, and passion with our ClackCoKids community!