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Give Fifty for 50 This Holiday Season!

By Natalie Hornstein, Community Engagement Manager |

This year Clackamas County Children’s Commission celebrated 50 years of serving children and families as a non-profit in Clackamas County!

We have enjoyed commemorating this significant achievement throughout 2023 with several special events for our staff, children and families, and community.

To help us make an impact for families in Clackamas county for the next 50 years we are encouraging our community to think of ClackCoKids this holiday season:

  • $50 one-time donation
  • Become a monthly donor at $50/month
  • Increase your annual donation by 50%

There are also lots of other ways that people can get involved and support our mission, not just during the holiday season, but all year long:

  • Bottle Drop program: Either collect cans and transfer the balance from your own Bottle Drop account straight to ClackCoKids via this link, or, email to get the special blue bags and tags you need to turn your collected cans in to Bottle Drop and have the funds automatically go to ClackCoKids – no account needed.
  • Amazon Wish List: Shop the items families need most this holiday season – from learning materials, to clothing, hygiene, and safety items.
  • Fred Meyer Rewards Partner: Fred Meyer’s Community Rewards Program allows for you to give back to ClackCoKids as you do your normal shopping with a percentage of proceeds going back to our programs. Every dollar makes an impact!
  • Drop-off Donations: We accept certain items at our centers during operating hours. Check the list on our website for details.

We have been astounded by the engagement we’ve experienced from our community this year! From impressive participation in our Family Fun Day event last June (over 540 people attended!) to the sponsors, artists, donors, and guests that helped make our recent Chairs for Children event a success – it is clear to us that our community believes in our mission to support the growth of healthy children and families, positive parenting, and school readiness. Together, we can make an impact this holiday season for families with young children in our community. Cheers, and let’s give Fifty for 50!