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Earning My CDA with ClackCoKids

By Devinnie Castañeda; Assistant Teacher |

As an Assistant Preschool Teacher and former Head Start parent, I can confidently say Clackamas County Children’s Commission has lived up to their promise to be an advocate for the families they serve. 

I started with ClackCoKids as a volunteer and a Head Start parent. I soon found myself working in the classroom. 

When I was a Head Start parent, the Family Advocates took the time to explain to me the help they do for career development. As an employee, I was soon offered the opportunity for professional growth and training. 

I am now at the finish line for completing my Child Development Credential (CDA). What I loved most about my experience completing my CDA training is that I immediately recognized that ClackCoKids directly aligns their practices with nationally recognized, evidence-based teaching techniques for early childhood education and development. 

I am looking forward to possibly returning to school to complete my Bachelor’s Degree in a related field with my employer’s assistance.

ClackCoKids is not only a great place for early learning, but for community resources and other family programs as well. It’s wonderful to know that our organization supports me with many opportunities.