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ClackCoKids Cares Bags

By Natalie Hornstein; CCCC Community Connections Specialist |

Clackamas County Children’s Commission is partnering with Help Me Grow Oregon to distribute 375 “ClackCoKids Cares Bags” to families in our community.

Through generous grant funding, as well as donations from local businesses and agencies, CCCC will distribute these bags to families in need identified by our community partners like Clackamas Women’s Services, WIC, DHS, and more.

150 of the bags will be “Welcome Baby” bags, designed for prenatal parents and families with children up to 3 months of age. These bags contain important items for new parents’ health and child development, including breastfeeding support donated by WIC of Clackamas County, infant hats donated by the Cover Up program, organic oatmeal donated by Bob’s Red Mill, baby bottles, soft books, and more.

225 bags will be developmentally appropriate for any child aged 0-5. These bags will contain books donated by Libraries in Clackamas County, adult and child reusable water bottles, coloring books, toys, balls, child toothbrushes and tooth paste.

All of the bags include adult and child masks, sanitizer, and other personal safety items, as well as information on child development and community resources, and adult dental hygiene items.

A special thank you to Help Me Grow Oregon for making this project possible. We hope these resources will help the most vulnerable families in our community by giving them much needed supplies, and connecting them with information about our services and other community resources.