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Earning My CDA with ClackCoKids

March 30, 2022

By Devinnie Castañeda; Assistant Teacher | As an Assistant Preschool Teacher and former Head Start parent, I can confidently say Clackamas County Children’s Commission has lived up to their promise to be an advocate for the families they serve.  I started with ClackCoKids as a volunteer and a Head Start parent. I soon found myself…

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“Good Enough Parenting”: Tips for Parenting Under High-Stress

March 16, 2022

By Natalie Hornstein; CCCC Community Connections Specialist | Being a good parent is hard even in the best circumstances. In times of family, community, or global crisis, many parents worry about meeting their child’s needs. This is why our parenting curriculum – Circle of Security – teaches parents about “Good Enough Parenting”. When a parent…

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Virtual Services Extended Until 02/07/22

January 21, 2022

By Darcee Kilsdonk; CCCC Executive Director | After reviewing the latest data on the Omicron Variant and COVID cases in Clackamas County and the state of Oregon, we have decided to extend virtual services through the 4th of February, with a new re-open date of February 7th.  There were several factors that went into this…

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ClackCoKids Cares Bags

December 22, 2021

By Natalie Hornstein; CCCC Community Connections Specialist | Clackamas County Children’s Commission is partnering with Help Me Grow Oregon to distribute 375 “ClackCoKids Cares Bags” to families in our community. Through generous grant funding, as well as donations from local businesses and agencies, CCCC will distribute these bags to families in need identified by our…

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CCCC Estacada Center Gets Upgraded Play Yard!

December 17, 2021

By Natalie Hornstein; CCCC Community Connections Specialist | One positive that came from our centers closing for in-person services during the COVID-19 pandemic was that we were able to complete several development projects at our centers, including building a brand-new outdoor play space at our Estacada center. ClackCoKids hired GreenWorks and JTRA Architecture to design…

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CCCC Helps Families Pay Rent with New Grant

November 22, 2021

By Natalie Hornstein; CCCC Community Connections Specialist | In early 2021, Clackamas County received a grant to provide rent assistance and case management services to families experiencing homelessness. Soon after, ClackCoKids assumed management of this $243,000 grant, eager to impact the growing concern of homelessness in our community during a housing crisis made worse by…

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Checkout Our Latest Impact Report!

October 28, 2021

By Darcee Kilsdonk; CCCC Executive Director | Last year our agency chose the Muhammad Ali quote, “Don’t count the days, make the days count,” for our annual theme. Those words set our intention for the year, as we navigated a global pandemic, wildfires, ice storms, and continuous services for our children and families through it…

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ClackCoKids Partners with PDX Diaper Bank

October 20, 2021

By Natalie Hornstein; CCCC Community Connections Specialist | Over the last several years, the PDX Diaper Bank and ClackCoKids have partnered to provide families enrolled in our programs with much needed diapers and wipes. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the PDX Diaper Bank reached out to ClackCoKids for help distributing diapers to the Clackamas County community…

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Georgia Ullmann to Lead CCCC COVID-19 Team

October 1, 2021

By Robyn Alper; CCCC Health Services Manager | Welcome back to ClackCoKids, Georgia! Georgia Ullmann is rejoining our team as a Health Services Specialist. With her Master’s Degree in Public Health, Georgia will lead our COVID-19 prevention and response efforts – including monitoring the status of the pandemic, staying current on COVID-19 regulations and guidelines,…

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TriMet Awards CCCC $15,000 in Fare Relief!

September 20, 2021

By Susan Rue; CCCC Parent, Family, Community Engagement Manager | Over the last several years, we have partnered with TriMet to provide CCCC families with much needed transportation relief in the form of monthly transit passes. Our family service providers partner with enrolled families to identify those most in need of this support in order…

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