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Our governing bodies consist of our Board of Directors as well as our Policy Council for Head Start and Early Head Start, and our Advisory Council for Healthy Families.

Each governing group is comprised of both parents and community members who desire to make a difference in the lives of children and families in our community.

These groups help us to set and achieve goals for healthy child development and school readiness, family stability and self-sufficiency, and community connection and partnership.

Interested in serving on our Board or either council?
Call 503-675-4565.

Meet Our Board

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Ken Edwards

Foundation Owner

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Corrie Etheredge

Housing Stability Program Manager

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Anita Pohlschneider

Vice Chair, Secretary
Public School Educator

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Zach Perez

Past Head Start Parent

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Candace Krause, DMD


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Candace Krause, DMD


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Vicki Wright

Public School Educator,
Business Owner

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Camilo Sanchez

Community College Instructor

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Dawn Hendricks, EdD

Early Childhood
Education Expert

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Rhonda Hills, CPA

Certified Public Accountant

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Tom Hojem


"Policy Council is a vital part of CCCC. It is the point where parents and community representatives can have their voices heard and their ideas put into action. This is the place where change is initiated, and I’m grateful for the opportunities it’s provided for my family.”

“During these difficult times parents are not always able to participate in Policy Council. I recommend Grandparents of Head Start students like me join. With their wealth of knowledge they could help bring a new perspective and also represent their grandchildren and their children in the process.”