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Welcome to Clackamas County Children’s Commission!


Families Served in 2022-2023.


Surveyed families said that ClackCoKids was respectful of their family's culture.

Our Vision

A community in which ALL children have the best possible opportunity to succeed.

Our History

We provide comprehensive early learning and family services for qualifying pregnant people and families with children from birth to five throughout Clackamas County.

Established in 1966, we began by providing Head Start services to families in our community from at-risk backgrounds. In 1973 we were incorporated as a non-profit and since then have expanded our programs to include Early Head Start and Oregon Healthy Families. We have grown so much since those early years, but our commitment to continuous improvement and providing the highest quality services that we can remains unchanged.

Our theme for the 2021-2022 year was "Serve with Intention". Check out our latest annual Impact Report to learn about what this means to ClackCoKids, and all the ways we impacted our community last year.

Our Mission & Services

Knowing that the best way to serve children is to support the whole family, we emphasize family stability, empowerment, and wellbeing in all we do.

Our services include early learning centers with full and part-day classrooms, strengths-based home visiting programs, parent education opportunities, and resource connections in our community. Learn More

We deliver these services through three state and federally funded programs with a variety of service models to support individual family needs:

Our mission is to support the growth of healthy children and families, positive parenting, and school readiness.

Early Head Start
  • Serves pregnant people and families with children ages birth to three.
  • Home visiting and center-based classrooms.
  • Parent education and resource support.
Head Start
  • Serves families with children ages three to five.
  • Home visiting and center-based classrooms.
  • Parent education and resource support.
Healthy Families Logo
  • Serves pregnant people and families with children ages birth to three.
  • Home visiting.
  • Parent education and resource support.

Our Commitment to Equity & Inclusion

Because our vision is for a community in which ALL children have the best possible opportunity to succeed, we seek to confront racism, discrimination, and prejudice in all forms.

  • We continue to educate ourselves so that we may effectively engage in conversations and actions that lead to real change.
  • We remain committed to listening to one another, intending first to understand.
  • We work to ensure that our leadership, staff, and culture reflect the diverse needs of the children and families that we serve.
  • We continue to solicit feedback and ensure accountability at all levels, believing these are critical elements for cultivating an environment of equity, inclusion, and respect.
  • We acknowledge that white supremacy is interwoven into the fabric of our systems, practices and policies and therefore we remain committed to questioning, examining our beliefs, and reasoning as it affects those who serve and those to whom we are committed to serving.

We have much to learn and much to do, desiring to be part of the solutions that will lead to safety, social justice, and a better, kinder world.

Our Core Values

Offering high quality service is our first priority. We value feedback, reflection, and data-driven decision making in order to provide programs that truly meet the needs of families in our community. We believe that our most powerful opportunity to serve others is through empowerment and supporting self-sufficiency, as well as to honor each parent and caregiver as the expert on their own family’s unique needs.

Meaningful relationships are at the center of quality service, which is why connection is one of our core values. We seek to develop and nurture connections that begin with warmth, genuineness, and empathy. We practice and support self-reflection and self-care as foundational in our ability to be present in our relationships with families in our program. We also seek and value equity, knowing that diverse styles, backgrounds, and experiences will allow us to offer the best services that we can.

Through strong connections and a clear commitment to serving our community, we foster opportunity for growth. We believe in meeting others where they are, and practicing growth mindsets and collaborative problem solving when challenges arise. With continuous improvement as a constant goal, we honor vulnerability and courage in times of difficult and success, always seeking to be better and to do better than the day before.

At all times and in all we do, we seek to serve, connect, and grow.